"Valerie is an intelligent and motivated individual. She is more than capable of managing a group of professionals. She grew and led her team in a manner that allowed us to increase
renewal-based sales each year through superb customer support."

Mark Wood
Achievement Technologies



Email: info@valeriechernek.com

Phone:  410-871-2670

Twitter: @valeriechernek

Facebook: ATAdvocate4Education

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Right Time - Right Place - Right Skills

In my home office, I surrounded myself with inspirational things that give me positive energy and stimulate creativity, such as the nature photos you see on my site.  You’ll find me here in the early morning or late in the evening as your project demands. No distractions, no time constraints. I’m all for a healthier and greener world, so I like the flexibility of working in different time zones and on challenging projects that require time that doesn't fit into a 9:00 to 5:00 world.  My clients reside across the U.S.  Many are west coast companies who want the advantage of an east coast gal to maximize their projects at the right time.

My work comes highly recommended!

Let me pitch the news for you, interview your clients, write compelling stories about your customers, search for industry gossip, research your competition, write new web content, listen to your customers chat in online communities and connect with movers and shakers in the industries that matter the most to you. I guarantee to improve your image, create more demand for your products, maximize traffic to your web site, and develop effective PR and social media programs that will drive home results for your business. Read my profile and all recommendations on Linked-In.