"Valerie does an excellent job for our non-profit. I appreciate her quality work ethic and caring empathy for our members. She excels in digital marketing, and is particularly strong in writing compelling stories and social media outreach. Val writes our blog with a warm, personal style that fits our audience perfectly and is highly respected for her strategic insight."

Marcy Goot,
Director of Marketing, Benetech/Bookshare



"Val's background in social media and internet marketing gives small business owners
a clear advantage. We appreciated her skills to write compelling stories and pitch them to targeted news outlets and virtual communities."

Nancy Baker,


Projects & Results

Market Data Retrieval (MDR) 2012-2017

Goal: Develop strategic content programming via social and public relations to position MDR as an industry thought leader in education marketing services and to promote the annual EdNET networking conference.

Results: By maintaining a consistent corporate voice across many digital channels and with targeted communities, MDR and EdNET enjoy solid brand awareness and a steady stream of followers and interested sales prospects.

Education Associates 2015-2016

Goal: Create brand leadership and recognition for career education and life skills curriculum for the product and the CEO. 

Results: Conversion improved from non-qualified 6% leads to 10.5% qualified leads. Twitter Followers increased 300% and higher for CEO's Linked In network.

Bookshare 2009-2016 - Digital Accessible Books & Technologies

Goal:  Manage PR and social media outreach to document the educational value of Bookshare so that more U.S. students with print disabilities can enjoy equal learning opportunities through digital books and technologies.  This non-profit organization and online library is funded through federal awards by the U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Audiences include K-12 teachers, technology, reading specialists and school administrators. 

Results:  Membership grew from 40K in 2010 to 280K in 2013.  U.S. educators signed up for Bookshare in record numbers. They learned about the organization through published stories in national, state and local outlets and in newspapers, blogs and institutions. Our outreach strategy includes press releases on the Newswire, featured real stories on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in Groups and Scoop It and You-Tube. Working for this social enterprise to benefit humanity is an honor and I am proud to be a part of the team.

Read Bookshare Stories…about educators and families who share their reading experiences. 
View blog post and video of Senator Tom Harkin congratulating Bookshare for its good works!

Don Johnston Incorporated 2006-2012 - Assistive Technologies


1) Transform a first generation web site into a sustainable lead generation and sales support tool. 

2) Integrate PR and social media marketing with traditional marketing efforts to produce viral effects.

3) Promote Don's book, "Building Wings: How I Made it Through School" about living with dyslexia.

4) Increase conference attendance to TRLD through advertising and online promotion.  

Results:  Working with talented individuals, we created a sustainable web site that maximized search engine optimization and tripled visitors to the site in the first year.  I wrote a number of case studies with educators across the U.S. to promote what works in educational software and we created the Schools in the News showcase. We promoted these articles to targeted publications and gained lots of new exposure and qualified leads for our company and products.  

We redesigned the company newsletter to increase customer loyalty and built two micro blog sites topersonalize company leaders and attract a variety of educators using keywords, need-to-know information and emotional stories.  We also developed a Readers Theater Contest for students to showcase their use of Don's book through videos and testimonials. This program produced 1500 new leads and continues to gain national attention, as well as many feature articles in K-12 and parent magazines that I produced to bring awareness and high search engine results to this special education company.

Dr. Alan R. Gaby, 2012-2017 - Holistic Medicine


Goal: 2012 - Promote Dr. Gaby's new textbook, Nutritional Medicine to medical and holistic practitioners using PR and social media outreach.

Results: Textbook sales produced higher than expected revenues. Dr. Gaby is now a contributing columnist and nutritional expert for The Huffington Post. The Twitter account I built and managed for him grew substantially with targeted fans now approaching 1000 in one year.

TeachTown, Inc. 2010-2011 - Autism

Goal: 2011 –  Demonstrate the effective use of computer-aided instruction with fun animation and technology to improve the academic and social skills of children with autism.  This was accomplished through written articles, news releases and video interviews.

Results:  Generated increased web traffic of qualified prospects almost immediately as Google search rankings rose with great product reviews.  We produced a series of engaging web content, articles, tweets and video case studies and celebrated media coverage in magazines, ezines, websites, tweets, blogs and linked-in groups who fanned, friended and followed our announcements.

Kid’s College 2010 - Educational Learning Through Sports

Goal:  Design a targeted micro web site to attract state educators to a prescriptive and adaptive online Math, Reading and Language Arts supplemental skills intervention program that combined interactive sports games to motivate kids to learn and compete in contests with peers.  

Result:  Working with a talented team of marketers and graphic designers, we planned, outlined and executed a personalized eight page micro-site in just 4 weeks.  Tight navigation, targeted messaging, engaging graphics and interactive web components all worked together to attract TN educators.  Keywords and meta-tag development optimized search engine rankings and complemented traditional and online marketing strategies resulting in increased web traffic and qualified leads to the Kid’s College website.

Achievement Technologies (SkillsTutor) / 2002-2005 - Internet Start-Up

Goal:  Grow company revenues through new subscribers, renewals and superior customer service. 

Results:  Working with a great team of people, I am proud of these accomplishments:   

  • Grew 4 year plan revenues from $1M to $8M
  • Increased renewal subscription rates from 52% to 73% (Q4 2004)
  • Created customer services to reduce zero-usage from 29% to 15%
  • Developed web campaigns to increase prospect list to 27K
  • Increased e-marketing response rates from .5 to 3%
  • Designed meta-tags and key word SEO strategies - 33% of all new lead generation
  • Managed customer referral making referrals #1 source of all new business
  • Generated 30% of all leads, resulting in $1.6 million CD-Rom sales
  • Coached keynote speaking engagements for executive staff  
  • Wrote RFP's and Effectiveness Reports to gain over $200K+ of new business in 2004
  • Built in-house staff (6 persons) to create nationwide training network

The Learning Company School Division (SkillsBank Corporation) / 1997-2002 

Goal:  Merge five K-12 websites into one big school site offering a multitude of products and services.  

Results:  We unified multiple products into one site and created the first teacher enewsletter, The Classroom Flyer.  It’s still going strong today and at the time I left the company, we reached over 30K teachers.  I was proud of this accomplishment!  I also organized a strategic planning team to explore our first venture into e-commerce and personalization of the site.  This resulted in increased site traffic to 87K unique visitors per month with an average viewing time of 13 minutes.  In addition, I managed many diversified online marketing and PR campaigns to maximize and align with traditional direct mail and advertising programs.  I also presented marketing strategies at many important conferences and coached my executives to speak on panels throughout the education industry.  You can read through some of the articles.